The healing power of hearing “me too”

Most women are familiar at this point with the powerful #MeToo movement in Hollywood. Though my “me too” is about postpartum depression or a mother daring to tell the truth about her lack of enjoyment with motherhood, I am promoting the same notion that hearing or saying “me too” can be incredibly empowering and healing. 

I am that mother daring to say I did not love being a mother. My lack of enjoyment for motherhood showed up as postpartum depression. I strongly believe to some extent my depression could have been prevented had I been able to connect with other mothers who felt like I did. I would not have felt so alone and so defective. I would still need to learn how to regain my sense of self and happiness, but removing the “what’s wrong with me?” question/label would have allowed me to accept my situation with compassion. I could have moved into solution much quicker instead of feeling so stuck and broken.

The famous singer Adele has spoken openly about having postpartum depression.  According to statements she made in an interview ( Oct 31, 2016), Adele said she worried that she made "the worst decision of her life" after she had her son but talking honestly with other mothers about her postpartum depression helped end her feeling of shame. Adele was able to hear from other mothers saying those powerful words “Me too.”

“For me, just hearing other moms say that being a mom sucks sometimes made me feel better.” – Anonymous Mom

I am on a mission to support mothers in speaking their truth and making positive changes to support their happiness as mothers. Please join me in this mission. Let us be that voice daring to speak the truth and to say “me too.” There are so many moms out there who need to know that they are not alone in their struggle and that their shame can be lifted. You can love your child without loving the job of parenting. Let’s let go of the labels and judgment. Let’s all be the best moms we can be, each in our own way.