“I’m fine!” How I lied my way through postpartum depression

I can relate to this article so much. Did anyone else lie about their postpartum depression or anxiety during their postnatal OB visit? I am wanting to offer tips for OB's and Pediatricians on how to better detect a perinatal mood disorder. Would this have helped you?

  • Don’t be deceived by looks – symptoms of depression and anxiety may be camouflaged by flawless appearances.
  • Be sure to go beyond just looking at the results of the postpartum self- assessment and take the time to talk about it during the postpartum visit.
  • Even if they report everything is going well, ask them what isn’t going so well (all mothers can identify with this and it will open up a door to what may really be going on.) Or ask them what could be even better. Know that moms may feel guilt and embarrassment if they don’t report being happy during this time. Give them permission to voice their struggles or unhappiness.
  • Have the conversation. If you are a parent yourself, use this opportunity during the postpartum visit to connect with them about the challenges of bringing home a newborn or if you are not a parent, use your awareness of the many challenges this transition can have to open up this conversation and connect.